Friday, October 28, 2005

Erotic Hypnosis

I realized today just how strong hypnosis can be. There are many fakers out there, however when they discover what they truly have been looking for they feel overwhelmed even a little bit afraid. I love phone hypnosis, because it gives me a chance to get to know my client first before doing face to face. Before taking on a client there are a few pieces of information that I must know as a professional courtesy, I like to knoew the name and the city from which you are calling. It helps me to get a good vibe for the person and get things started properly....

However I do warn this is not for the faint at heart, this is not for those that are paranoid. This is very real!

Sweet kisses

P.S. Please do not think that this is a place for phone sex, if that is what you are looking for I can lead you in the right direction along with phone domination and real time mistresses, however what I offer is erotic hypnosis and hypnosis for relaxation and self improvement.


Blogger Mistress Maleak said...

You Are Indeed The Best I look forward to a long Adventure with you I am sure We will Experience all kinds of things together I CAN'T WAIT Untill you get home!!!!!!

4:58 AM  

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