Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How Interesting

Meet an interesting fellow the other day...maybe he will read this...I hope that he does. But anyway..seems that he is experienced with hypnosis and he allowed me to hypnotize him and he in turn did the same, or shall I say attempted to do the same for me. In any case, I think he is very interesting and keeping him around would be quite fun. I also realized that I really need to get back to my blogging days. This can be alot of fun...oh and btw...I loved his techniques...kiss kiss


Anonymous Dria said...

I have to say that phone call last night was Hot!!
I did not believe he could hypnotize me but I was rather shocked to find that after what I thought was just a relaxing story... when he said the word "tongue" I could actually FEEL his tongue licking on my clit!
I am a Mistress who is used to hard core Domination but I never dreamed that I would be the one being put under...
He said some words and I had a MAJOR explosion of an orgasm that left me panting for breath and then with another word.. it was stopped.
It was exciting, stimulating and almost startling to say the least.
Another thing this man did was allow ME to say a few words and when I said them and snapped my fingers... well YOU know what happened dont you girl heheh. * wicked grin*
This put phone sex on a brand new level for me and I plan on exploring this type of Domination further.
Until we meet again!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Hypnotic Goddess said...

You believe what you like....I never kiss and tell. I like to think that I am the Mistress of Hypnosis!! and that is that **giggles**

9:20 PM  

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