Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Beauty of Female Domination

Today I have been giving much consideration as to what it truly means to be a Female Dominate, a woman that derives pleasure from controlling and manipulating a man.

While there are so many different ways of doing this and achieving, would not any Lady get a rush out of commanding a male? After all males have greater physical strength, most are naturally Dominating, however when around the right woman, it is like some curse a kryptonite that makes them drop their knees and make them lose their mind.

All my life for those that have met me face to face, I have gotten many looks and stares because of my appearance. I have never had any problems attracting men, however they have refused to get to know the inner me!

How refreshing it has been to meet several individuals both male and female...who have only been able to see my deep thoughts, my deep feelings, and my true self! What is even better is to be able to Dominate and just be me....I feel sorry for the sweet dispositional ladies that feel they have to yell and scream and have the word MISTRESS tattooed on their forehead, and it is not really their true nature. You see I refuse to raise my blood pressure and damage my heart for a man, or for any human really. At the same time, I do bring to any relationship, control, power and a keen sense of Domination, educated Domination that is!

Now I come to the issue of being paid for my services. Hahahah, a subject that has many opinions. YES.. I am a pay Mistress! Why should I share my knowledge, time and resources...I did not acquire them free! Is it not everyone’s dream to do what he or she love for a living!! Why should I not live out my dreams! If for one moment you do not think that Mistressing is a hard job, follow me for a day, I will gladly let you see my world...**smiles**

None the less, I cannot even begin to tell the ones that I have helped and developed friendships with and it has been well worth the effort!

I am a True Lady so curl up next to me if you choose! I promise to show you something you have never seen before!


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