Friday, November 18, 2005

Ode to Mido

I have met a very interesting fellow. I will not mention where he is from. However he is interesting enough for me to write about.

He is a quite confused soul...however very interesting and quite adorable. He follows and speaks as a sub but has the temperament of a Dom, however lacks the proper control to be a Dom. So for now I call him a prince. For we all know that a prince is simply a King in training.

I can tell this is the first time this young man has met a Domina and I think the world of BDSM and the fact that I have men on their knees leaves him intrigued. He is spellbound! However somewhat scared of his own shadow.

He lives in a place that is very structured and for that I have a profound respect! However his structure has made him innocent, it gives him an innocence that appeals to me yet I would never attempt to disrupt.

So to my peculiar little prince this is my ode to you.... You have seen a peek into my world. A world of Domination, the world of a Mistress, the world of a Confident Woman, and independent thinker! You have seen a True Mistress that makes men fall to there knees and yet a discerning Mistress that does not take any man that wants to be taken. I have even seen through some of your little games my sweet....**giggles**

And while I know you see my hypnotic charm and my Dominate ways, I know that you see that I am still a Lady a Woman that acts and talks and says exactly what is on her mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ty sweetheart. that was really sweet muah

9:42 PM  

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